Betty & Serje

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betty and serje

Serje had to pack up and move. It wasn’t a good time for him. He’d had to dismiss all the servants and now the mansion was all his to empty.

He found Humanoid Betty in a sector of the basement where he didn’t remember ever being before. When did he buy Betty? Had it ever been his or was it some departed relative’s leftover? He thought of his employees. It was rare for Humanoids to own other Humanoids but not impossible, and for all he could recall some of his servants had been the eccentric type. Just like him.

Serje dragged Betty from the cupboard. She was light. Just as he expected, she was missing her battery. She didn’t have a memory card either. There was so much to do but what the hell, he rambled and ransacked through the property until he found an old cell unit under the…

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