Illustration Friday: Heights

I made this drawing after reading a short story by Ray Bradbury called „The Fog Horn”, about a prehistoric sea monster (possibly the last of its kind) who believes he may have found a mate when he hears a call identical to his coming from a lighthouse.

I thought it would be funny if the monster not only sounded, but also looked just like the lighthouse. Also, my monster is a lot more cuddly and well-behaved, and he enjoys swimming around the tower lovestruck and in awe, whereas in the story (spoilers!) he eventually attacks the building for being a heartless block of stone who doesn’t love him back.

Anyway, they’re both quite tall, aren’t they?

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  1. Jetzt stehst do da an der Laterne… vorba cantecului. Am cumparat cate un far in miniatura din fiecare port in care am fost. Am si vorbit cu oamenii de acolo si nu pareau a fi constienti de pericolul ce ii asteapta. Mai mult, dintre toti monstri cu care am vorbit sau inca vorbesc pe mare, nici unul nu parea interesat de faruri.

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