Adevărul despre dragoni

„It is said, for example, that dragons can sometimes have seven heads. That is sheer nonsense. A dragon can have only one head, for the simple reason that having two leads to disagreement and violent quarrels; the polyhydroids, as the scholars call them, died out as a result of internal feuds. Stubborn and headstrong by nature, dragons cannot tolerate opposition, therefore two heads in one body will always bring about a swift death: each head, purely to spite the other, refuses to eat, then maliciously holds its breath- with the usual consequences.”

Stanislaw Lem, „The Cyberiad”.

3 gânduri despre „Adevărul despre dragoni”

  1. As fi preferat alt subiect: dragonii despre adevar. Este cu mult mai interesant. Sau balaurii despre adevar, suna mai romanesc.

      1. Numai dragonii/balaurii cunosc adevarul. Sunt unele ierburi care te ajuta sa gasesti balauri, chiar sa vorbesti cu ei.
        PS: Urasc wordpress-ul si tigania lor de editor de texte si procedura de logare. Huo!

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