Illustration Friday: Swamp

This is Thumbelina, a girl who, unlike other fairytale heroines, will not waste her time kissing the frog prince -or living in a swamp, for what it’s worth. This was one of my favourite stories when I was little, as I had a beautifully illustrated Russian book of it (which translated the title more like „Miniature Girl”. And frankly, I think that sounds better.)

In the story, she runs away while frog boy is asleep, but really, what fun is there in being a runaway bride, if you’re not going to see the look on the abandoned husband’s face and rejoice?

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  1. i never thought at that, i mean that point of view!
    but i entered to tell that it started the world championship of iceskating. (rusii au cazut in draci si la programul scurt-perechi si la dans-programul scurt; dar a cazut si robin solkovi 🙂 totusi aliona si robin au reusit triplul axel aruncat pe care il incearca de vreo 2 ani 🙂 )

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