Illustration Friday: Shades

Shade is the blocking of sunlight (in particular direct sunshine) by any object, and also the shadow created by that object.

Does the direction of the shade the giraffe’s throwing make any sense, considering the position of the light source? No. Did I notice before I posted it? No. Is there a chance that some people wouldn’t have noticed either? Probably, but I like to point out my own mistakes, saves trouble for everybody else.

5 gânduri despre „Illustration Friday: Shades”

  1. Haha, it happens! I don’t think the pig should be so mad, since clearly the giraffe did not intend on blocking the sun. It’s just a weird quirk of the universe! Cute illustration either way!

      1. Asta va fi mereu problema suprarealismului: nu vei stii niciodata daca e ceva genial sau o prostie.

  2. Ha! Ha! not everything has to make sense! I think the pig is annoyed because the giraffe is smoking, so his shadow doesn’t matter, except in keeping with the theme. 🙂 Great illustration! Love the pig’s expression!

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