Illustration Friday: Silent

The desert is an empty, silent place. But not for the desert fox, who has huge ears. She can hear the smallest sand grains rubbing against other sand grains, which is why she looks so annoyed.

(Disclaimer: desert foxes are not actually that red.)

2 gânduri despre „Illustration Friday: Silent”

  1. Haha, nice disclaimer. I think this is a simple, lovely painting, and the fox is very cute. I hate to think of him stuck in the desert, but I suppose he will make do.

  2. ha, now i am the adult from the „little price” story. that red spot from the desert fox legs, what is it? it looks like a fish tale to me. 🙂
    sometimez i would like to hear trees or grass grow, but i don’t have the desert fox’s ears. 🙂

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