Illustration Friday: Ahead

Another masterpiece that defies all rules of logic, nature and reasonable drawing. Special points go to whoever notices first the most terribly wrong detail about this picture.

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  1. Aren’t crayfish supposed to walk backwards?
    Not to mention the smoking fish. It’s got gills, the smoke needs to be liquid. Or maybe it doesn’t inhale. Or is it smoking itself? Is it a salmon, pre-smoking?
    And fish don’t have eyebrows or eyelashes, because they don’t sweat and generally there is no wind underwater, is there?
    And if you can see the sand through the fish bowl, how come you con’t see that net the crayfish use to pull the fish bowl?
    Not to mention the lack of shadows and the little wheels nailed to glass.

  2. Da, la partea cu plasa care nu se vede prin acvariu, de care zise Ionut, m-am gandit si eu. Adica am uitat si mi-am dat seama dupa ce era desenul deja terminat si scanat. Restul ar putea fi considerate licenta artistica, la o adica. 😀

  3. Pai mie imi sare in ochi suficient 😀 adica ma uit la desen si parca ma zgreaptana pe creier aceasta scapare. Dar daca n-a observat toata lumea din prima e bine, m-am mai linistit.

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